Video podcast LunatiKa en Amy

In this video podcast TGirl, Miss LunatiKa asks Amy (almost) literally the shirt off her body 🙈 A wonderful hour and a half of female empowerment about how you as a transgender / TGirl get into your trans power and beauty as effortlessly as possible 👸 With topics like...  

  • How do you discover and develop your special TGirl power?
  • What is important in developing as a TGirl?
  • How do you make big steps smaller, to actually take them?
  • The sweet triumph over shame and guilt.
  • The importance of finding your online and offline tribe.  
  • How do you develop yourself in complete freedom and safety?  
  • The role of sexuality and how it can change.
  • The kick and power of creating yourself (as a work of art).
  • Creating and transcending your own pigeonhole.
  • From fantasy to reality.
  • Entering worlds beyond the taboos.
  • The Vase Theory 💐
  • Yes, honey... the magical way to your hidden treasure!

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Podcast helemaal uit gekeken :-) Ik zag anderhalf uur staan en dacht 'dat is lang'. Maar gewoon aan begonnen en ja... het werd steeds boeiender en boeiender. Mooi koppel jullie samen, serieus en fun door elkaar. Veel van geleerd als hetero, hoop dat er nog veel mensen volgen!