Be seduced by the woman within you 😍

Let me get close, let me hypnotise & transform you


Hypnosis is a very direct way to relax and get closer to yourself, achieve results and support and empower your transformation process.


You gain direct access through hypnosis to the subconscious mind and your true, deepest needs, so that old conditioning, blockages and fears can be resetted.


With focused attention and focus, you will enter a trance and connect with your feminine power and being; you will take this energy into your daily life, boosting your self-assurance and allowing you to shine.

Do you make that beautiful woman shine?

Would you also like a magical and powerful tool to further explore your feminine side as a TGirl? To make your feelings more tangible and allow them space? To gain direct access to your subconscious so that you can live your deepest truth? You have all the answers within you to feel completely happy with who you are. It's understandable that you may have doubts, insecurities, and fears in a world where there is still so much taboo... but it's also such a waste and unnecessary suppression of your life energy!

Through my numerous interactions with TGirls, I understand how magically beautiful and complex the experience of your deepest desires and transformation can be. It's an art to connect with the beautiful TGirl you are, to follow her impulses, and thereby safely reach your destination (all while enjoying the exhilarating journey) 🦋

Find the hidden Treasure within

Maybe you know the movie Lucy? One of my favorites! The movie shows that humans only use a small part (10%) of their brains; if we could access the rest, then that would cause incredible experiences. Through hypnosis you can access the hidden Treasure contained within yourself.

Hypnosis is a state of inner peace, where you descend into your subconscious. Through focused attention and focus. Under the inspired guidance of your Mistress, who wants only the very best for you. What you do not really want does not happen, because it is impossible. What you do want deep down, will become palpable and come to the surface through my enchanting voice and seductive power, so that it can live its own life and you can take your life in your own hands again.

 I guide you in your emotions, fantasies, desires and possibilities - through your fears and conditioning - to be the best version of yourself. So that survival turns into living and you can shine like the Femme Fatale, kinky doll or beautiful princess you are 👸

Hypnotise me now

Are you ready for your reprogramming? 🦋



It provides the mental support that is sometimes incredibly comforting and necessary.

This TGirl hypnosis leads you directly to your inner femininity through stimulating sounds and LunatiKa's pleasant voice. In a very relaxed state, the hypnosis stimulates self-confidence and you experience the nice feeling of being able to be yourself. It briefly detaches you from the (pre)judgments of your environment and yourself. The hypnosis offers the perspective to liberate your femininity and realize the first steps towards a coming out; all in balance with your own feeling and ambition in this.

As a starting TGirl, I heartily recommend this hypnosis for anyone working on feminization. It gives the mental support that is sometimes so incredibly nice and needed.

You do not receive just anything...

Sound healing 

I myself am a big fan of hypnosis and meditation and have years of experience (including undergoing) in this field. I work with the healing power of mantras, singing bowls, wind chimes and other energetically delicate and uplifting musical instruments, sounds and resonances. All of these elements are incorporated into this hypnosis. The advice is to listen with headphones so you can wallow completely in this magical sound experience. Which you can listen to as often as you want (a good start is once a week, for at least a month).

Professional script and licensed hypnosis music

This hypnosis is accompanied by professional hypnosis music by

Christopher Lloyd Clarke, which I use under license. It consists basically of a professional transgender hypnosis script, which I have adapted and perfected according to my own taste and insights.

Unique mix

Not only the music and sounds take you directly to your subconscious and hidden treasure, but also my voice and the ritual setting in which I composed and recorded the hypnosis. So this is not a randomly recorded audio, but a magical elixir of intention, sound and skill, composed with great care and attention.

Did you know that hypnosis is the most effective therapy in existence? American Health Magazine research shows that no other therapy is as effective, both in the short and long term.

Please note that this hypnosis is for relaxation purposes only and is not a therapeutic tool or a substitute for a medical specialist.

What can this hypnosis offer you?

  • More relaxation within yourself and coming home to your femininity.
  • Peace and space.
  • More acceptance of yourself.
  • Connecting with who you are and what makes you unique as a person.
  • Experiencing yourself in your multidimensionality.
  • Activating the compass of your intuition and your inner voice.
  • Start moving and experience the magic of constant change.
  • Feeling your life energy flow freely again.
  • Enjoying a moment for yourself. 
  • Increasing joy, confidence and connection.
  • Making you less sensitive to outside triggers.
  • Desiring to live and express yourself.
  • An impulse to manifest the life you desire.
€ 49,-
€ 24,-

 Ready to go into trance? 

Boost your TGirlpower by getting carried away in a wonderful trance.

Feel deep relaxation & emasculation ;-)

Turn off your thinking for a moment, feel yourself landing in your juicy body and come home 👸

  • Testimonials

    There is much to learn from it and gives you more insight into our world.

    What a beautiful combination, your inspiring relaxing voice with music and special effects/sounds. For me the whole hypnosis felt wonderful and I was pretty quickly in the flow of the hypnosis, especially the hertz tones and the drums after the nails/coffin made me quickly sink deeper, so your lyrics came in even better. And yes the coffin/nails I found very appropriate. Furthermore, non TGirls really should listen to this as well. There is much to learn from it and gives you more insight into our world.


    Through your beautiful, sensual voice I quickly became captivated and enthralled :-)

    Through your beautiful, sensual voice I quickly became captivated and entranced :-) The story of the coffin and other symbolism is very original and good. All in all, the hypnosis is clear, but also a bit mysterious and triggering!


    It gave me a certain inner peace.

    I was one of the lucky ones who got to test the TGirl hypnosis. And I have to admit that it gave me a certain inner peace, and also the realization that you can do and be much more than you often think. And that you have to do much more from your feelings and not look at what someone else thinks, because if you do that you will never be that one beautiful butterfly you love.


    - Frequently Asked Questions -

    What is hypnosis?

    Hypnosis allows you to create changes in the subconscious mind, or in other words: reprogramming. Hypnosis is actually a very normal and natural state of being, in which we daydream or do things in a natural flow. Our mind is then just a little less in the foreground. Hypnosis 'tunes in' to this natural state of consciousness, in which things can be touched and changed. So that old beliefs that no longer work for you, can be replaced by ideas, thoughts and feelings with a positive impact on your life.

    What does hypnosis feel like?

    It is different for everyone, but you can imagine it as a massage for the mind. It is a wonderfully relaxed state, where you remain conscious and are not 'gone'. Instead, you are much more present during hypnosis, with all senses perceiving more keenly.

    Can I lose control through hypnosis?

    No, hypnosis actually gives you more control over your life (and encourages you to get out of the hypnosis that no longer works for you.... kind of like a reverse Matrix, in other words ;-))!

    Can I get stuck in hypnosis?

    No, you always come out of it by yourself and return to your normal state of consciousness after a while. It sometimes happens that someone does not come out of hypnosis when the hypnotist tells them to; this only happens because the hypnosis feels so wonderful and they want to stay in it much longer. But even then, you always come out of it eventually.  

    Can hypnosis make me do things I don't want to do?

    No, that is impossible. Hypnosis makes you do only what you would normally do. If you would definitely not do something normally, you will not do it in or after hypnosis. Your subconscious arranges everything in the best possible way for you.  

    Can you improve anything with hypnosis?

    Hypnosis is a tool for solving problems quickly and effectively, but it is not a panacea. What is important is your desire to change unwanted behavior and your ability to open up to the suggestions you receive during hypnosis.  

    What is the difference between meditation and hypnosis?

    Both meditation and hypnosis are aimed at bringing rational thinking to a standstill and being completely in the here and now. This produces a deep calm and relaxation, with all its positive effects. Whereas with meditation you need a lot of practice and discipline to get into that deep trance, with hypnosis this happens much faster and easier. Hypnosis has an immediate effect by lowering your stress levels, massaging your brain and making you feel more comfortable in yourself. Meditation gets much more charge through hypnosis and in hypnosis you can apply a piece of change work.

    Can anyone be hypnotized?

    Anyone who can concentrate and focus can experience hypnosis, but receptivity varies from person to person. You can test your receptivity here:

    How do I know if hypnosis is right for me?

    Do you feel curiosity or a Yes? Follow that feeling! Still in doubt? Do some further research yourself on this website, or on the Internet and experience if your enthusiasm grows.

    Is this hypnosis the same as a 1-on-1 session with you?    

     No, the intense connection and magic of a 1-on-1 session are different than listening to a hypnosis audio in your own company. During a session, I respond spontaneously and directly to what is occurring here and now, so that you are touched in the way that is needed in that moment. The hypnosis audio does make a great addition and is a tool to empower your transformation, especially when combined with other inspirations, 1-on-1 coaching and/or the T-learning.

    What is your background in hypnosis?

    Hypnosis is a wonderful way of connecting that I have naturally started to apply in my sessions. It was so powerful that I became fascinated with it and discovered it was hypnosis. I went into it further and in December 2022 I followed the Hypnosis Certification Training at the UNLP in Amsterdam.

    Let yourself be seduced 👸

    Yes, hypnotise me


    Tijdens het beluisteren van deze hypnose kan er van alles aangeraakt worden en loskomen. Je blijft te allen tijde verantwoordelijk voor je eigen proces en wat de sessie mogelijk teweeg brengt.  Ik fungeer als inspirator en intimiteitscoach, maar ben geen therapeut en bied dus geen professionele hulp. Het aangaan van een sessie met mij, het beluisteren van een door mij gemaakte hypnose en het volgen van een door mij gemaakte e-learning is fun, opwindend, ontspannend en verrijkend, maar kan als een sprong in het diepe zijn en is altijd geheel op eigen risico. In het geval van medische aandoeningen of klachten raad ik je altijd aan om naar een medisch specialist te gaan!