A constant invitation to show yourself and connect with real people. Because a fantasy is fun, but reality is even more exciting!


A free place to take your sexual and romantic needs seriously, explore your deepest desires and fantasies and safely experiment with what wants to be felt, experienced and shared.


No platitude or dickpics, but artistic "nudity," elegantly erotic and surprisingly imaginative. A balanced vision where spirituality and sexuality come together. 


As an intimacy coach, I work with both men and women, encouraging people to connect with who they are and what they want deep inside. I notice that there is still a lot of work to do; for men to soften and for women to put themselves on that very pedestal and stand in their power (/femininity) 👸 

This is why I founded Please & Tease in late 2020: a Femdom-oriented online community, where both men and women can share & experience their deepest desires, to connect with each other from a new dynamic ðŸ™‡ðŸ‘¯â€â™€ï¸ 

I con Femdom not only as Female Domination, but especially as a refreshing turn in a world dominated by men for centuries. Even now and in the modern West, women and the feminine are still oppressed. Please & Tease inspires to break through the taboo and blockade of guilt and shame that have for so long deprived women of their enjoyment of life and creative power 😇 So that both men and women (and the endless dimensions in between) can come home and reclaim their natural place 🌻      

Please & Tease is a safe warm meeting place where I get a lot of inspiration. Here you meet interesting people with the most diverse preferences and desires. The atmosphere is open and tolerant, Ms. LunatiKa has really created a wonderful (virtual) place where I like to retreat... I must honestly say that it is also quite an exciting place with a lot of energy 😇 


Share & shine

Who is Please & Tease intended for? Both hardcore bdsm'ers are welcome, as well as newbie's taking their first steps into this world. Transgirls, sissies, nylon & footlovers, spiritual nomads, shooting stars, ArtAngels.... but also Goddesses who want to experience the Goddess in themselves (/their natural powers) can meet like-minded people & playmates here.


Hidden in every woman is a Goddess or Domina in Disguise, longing to be adored and honored (inside and out). Once that Woman puts herself back on that pedestal and dares to take her place of power (in all her destructive and creative versatility), the man can come home to her womb and experience the endless love (and severity) he so craves.    

Please & Tease is an online meeting place where sexuality is elevated to an art form; a beautiful ritual framework to explore and transcend yourself 💫 So no superficiality, but real stories, genuine attention, respect, admiration and an open space to share & shin ⭐️ 

What has Please & Tease to offer? 

  • An alluring haven of free spirits and Birds of Paradise 🦚
  •  Tips, tricks & triggers to make your fetish or kink more experienceable. 
  • Inspiring articles, personal stories and selfies. 
  • Real intimacy with a kinky edge. 
  • Polls, news, projects in crime, special offers, e-learnings; in short everything to get you moving.
  • A special, intimate, accessible and familiar atmosphere.
  • A place where nothing is mandatory and everything is allowed (within clear, safe boundaries).
  • Direct private chat to connect with like minded sissy's & showgirls.
  • Continuous invitation and encouragement to develop yourself personally and to share and shine your Gorgeousness ⭐️  


I began to feel more and more comfortable in this safe beautiful place.

Came in here with quite a few doubts, is this what for me, I wondered but gradually I began to feel freer and more at ease in this safe beautiful place. And I'm still here and enjoying all the beauty that takes place here and elsewhere 🙏 

Jon Lepet


On Please & Tease you will find real people and personal stories. Thus: exposing Next Level (without you necessarily having to take off your clothes to do so ;-))! Regularly there are exciting online events and also real live we organize fun things!

Open & respectful

 A safe place to be & find yourself, where you are appreciated for being different or completely normal. A strict but fair team of moderating Door Bitches guarantees a good atmosphere and keeps fake profiles away.  


 A creative breeding ground where you will become more aware of the sexual, creative and life-giving power within yourself. This makes you more energetic, healthy and creative and turns your life into a true work of art!

€ 19,50

       Be part of something amazing💕

Stop being a lonely wanderer and come home to like-minded people, dirty minds and juicy spirits. In an online meeting place where you no longer have to hide yourself, but your eccentric quirkiness is respected and admired. A positive experience that you take with you into your everyday life.