Overcome cybersex addiction

And  own your real manhood


Cybersex addiction can have many causes, but one of them is almost always a lack of self-esteem. This eBook shows you how to break the negative spiral and find and start embracing your true masculinity again!


By understanding the causes of your destructive behavior, light can begin to shine into the darkness. That is the beginning of change and taking back control. After which you can consciously steer towards what lights your inner fire 🔥


By addressing the cause of your addiction and developing healthy ways of dealing with triggers and issues, you reprogram yourself and reclaim your power. Allowing you to reconnect with who you are and what is meaningful and fulfilling for you.

          From Macho to Master

When you are addicted to cybersex, you are constantly looking for distractions in the form of sex or watching porn online. And whether you're aware of it or not, you can't manage to stop it. In fact, you want more and more and seek ever more intense experiences. And as with any addiction, you have no control over it; it's stronger than you. This leads to all kinds of negative feelings and a negative self-image.

Addiction means being trapped and disconnected. It does not provide you with the fulfillment you are actually looking for, is extremely exhausting and only removes you further from yourself and the people around you. That is why it is important to break out of this mental prison and start discovering and living your true potential. 

Because life is just too short...

Know that you are not alone and that many more men (and women) face the same problem. The enormous taboo on these issues does not contribute to the solution of the problem and makes that you often have to seek a way or method that works for you yourself. That is probably why you have landed on this page and are now reading these words. For that reason alone, I am proud of you 🤗. 

I would like to invite you to just jump into the deep end and embark on this adventurous journey within yourself. You can do it 👊

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Hey man... When was the last time you cried?

             Taking the first step

Maybe you haven't fully recognized it for yourself yet, but somewhere you feel that something is teetering and that there is more possible in your life. And that the way you deal with stress or other problems is not the healthiest. Maybe you think that you still have it all under control and can stop your sexual excesses and watching porn at any moment...

But I can tell you that this thought belongs to one of the mindtricks of addiction. Because if you can stop it that way, why don't you do it right away and turn your attention to things that will actually please yourself and the world around you? Try it... 

If you can get through this 'temporary' period of rest without feeling restless, you will indeed know for sure that there is no imbalance or disturbance and you are simply a lover. If not, there might be more to it after all. 

I wrote this eBook for men like you, whom I encounter daily in my online practice, and who are often unaware of their addiction to cybersex, but experience the negative consequences of it in their daily lives. It is meant as a means to clearly identify the problem and offers a tool to break destructive patterns and change them into behaviors that affect your life in a positive way. 

So that you start to like yourself again when you look in the mirror and can be proud of yourself, just like the people around you. This transformation from addiction to fulfillment is not easy, but it is the only way to become the director of your own life again 🤴

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The writer

As an intimacy coach, tantric Mistress and transformation specialist, I guide men and women in the areas of intimacy, sexuality, love, relationships and identity.  I develop eBooks, hypnosis audios and video podcasts, through which I aim to make a positive impact in the lives of others. With central themes: connection, healing, transformation and self-actualization.     

Once started as a camgirl from an experiment to bring tantra and Fempower to the very places where this was not known and the need was great. Which  turned out to be a hit 🎯 At the same time I was active as a medium on spiritual platforms, where I spoke mostly to women. I noticed that men tend to take a lot and women tend to give too much, from a situation of imbalance in their lives. As a result, I developed myself as a tantric Mistress, allowing men to soften and inspiring women to regain their power.

From my philosophical background, I have always been interested in the disturbed balance between the masculine and feminine (in both men and women) in society. I did a lot of research and wrote many articles about this theme.  What struck me over the years in my intensive contact with men was that they were often addicted to cybersex. The taboo makes it difficult for men to recognize this problem and seek help.

That is why I decided to write an eBook about it, in which I bundle my knowledge and experience and also give examples from my own practice. The goal is to contribute to more openness about this ever-growing problem 'from the inside out' and to offer you a tool with which you can take steps to create a life without addiction. So that you will own your true masculinity and shape your outside world from strength, authenticity and vision 💚💪🔥

Pure of heart we move through the world and fall under the spell of everything around us. You are looking for something but it escapes you that what you are looking for is already you - Rumi

What can this eBook offer you?

  • The knowledge that you are not alone.
  • Understanding the causes of cybersex addiction.
  • A step-by-step approach to overcoming your addiction. 
  • Strengthening your self-esteem.
  • Feeling your life energy flow freely again.
  • More joy, confidence and connection.
  • Tools, tips & tricks to take back control of your life.
  • A positive boost to your masculinity.
  • Making you less sensitive to outside triggers.
  • Better contact with yourself and those around you.
  • An adventurous journey within yourself that will give you many new insights.
  • Tools to shift negativity to positivity.
  • Healthy and fulfilling alternatives to your addictive behaviors.
  • Relaxation and truly orgasmic living.
  • Increased emotional well-being and mental health.
  • The freedom to do what you really want (instead of being constantly hounded).
  • Replacing your scarcity mindset with inner joy.
  • Inspiration for true transformation!
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Ready for the real thing? 💪

Really invest in yourself and get to the root of your cybersex addiction. 

Experience true intimacy and fulfillment in yourself and in your relationships again 💞

You are not alone.

You are worth it.

You are all that is needed.

From courageous recognition to change, transformation and happiness! 🍀

The launch of the English translation is in October/November 2023!

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This eBook was written from my personal experience with male clients during online sessions. From the request for help I identified, I wrote this eBook for inspiration and as a resource. I act as an inspiration, guide and intimacy coach, but am not a therapist and do not offer professional help. Therefore, this eBook, the hypnosis audio and coaching sessions are in no way a substitute for necessary medical and/or psychological help. If you suffer from mental illness and/or addictions, I recommend that you see a medical specialist at all times!