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Online TGirl Training  

Embrace your trans power and splendor


Change from within also creates outer transformation. That is why we work on and from the basics; acceptance, self-confidence and healing of what is hurt or broken. So that you fall in love again; with yourself and life. The most beautiful being in this universe is you, in all your versatility and manifestations.


In the Online TGirl Training we go beyond all pigeonholes, so that you can wonderfully land in your own spaciousness. Where you feel free to enjoy and explore in the outside world. There are no limitations except the prison of your own mind. Your body knows your own truth. So feel and own it ❣️ 


Creative power

We go deep, to your feminine core, so that you shine and sparkle from your power source. To create from feminine creative power, creativity and passion without limits and to shape your life the way you want. Feminine magic in your own special & unique way.

Being a Free & seductive Woman ⚧ 

I encounter many men in my online sessions who are somehow drawn to feminization. Who sometimes like to put on women's clothes and to put make-up on, or have a strong feminine side and want to give more space to this. Often this is done in secret and no one in their daily lives knows about it. This can create a nice tension, but often it also creates frustration and privation.  


It may seem like either/or, when really it can be both/and. The less divided it is inside you, the more harmonious and enlightened it is outside you (karma is such a Bitch πŸ₯°). And yes, sometimes people fall away, but if those are the people who don't accept you as you are, then don't you rather grant yourself something else and more? Like fine like-minded people who not only accept you as you are, but carry you on their hands and consider it an honor to be in your life πŸ’•     

This unique Online TGirl Training provides inspiration for true transformation. This not only changes your life thoroughly and gloriously, but also allows a bright and attractive light to shine in your outer world. You can truly be who you are and I guide you through this challenging process with love and passion πŸ’– So that you can grow from connection, feel the positive energy it generates and notice how many cool other new things emerge from it πŸ¦‹ You are the creator of your own life and by becoming aware of this power, you can begin to harness it more purposefully and make it work for you ~  


LunatiKa knows no taboos, is open-minded & multifaceted

I got to know LunatiKa at the very beginning of my TGirl development. Now I move in the midst of others and feel free and powerful in my femininity. LunatiKa has shown me how beautiful and sexy I am. She addresses my feelings and needs and knows how to remove barriers and grow my confidence with her words and appearance. This has made it easier for me to take the next step in my development as a TGirl myself each time. LunatiKa knows no taboos, is open-minded and versatile. She has the ability to let me experience sexuality as a deeper dimension connected to concrete reality.

Beyond the taboo

In a society that is still very male-oriented, it is not surprising that many people are attracted to feminization. Of course from a very essential need and who they are, but also as a way to deal with the taboo on (female) sexuality and certain desires and fantasies. Feeling free in your femininity (or more feminine side) and enjoying your own body and sexuality are often overshadowed by shame and guilt.  

The taboo is great and turns women into whores, when in fact it is often men who engage in sex all day long. We live in a kind of upside-down world, where many men are addicted to porn (this problem is much bigger than we think) and women become deflated by constantly giving themselves away and fitting in. I have seen the consequences of this gaping wound of repression of the "feminine" for years in my practice and think it is high time for change! And so let's immediately soften and broaden that harsh distinction between M/F (and so much more).... 

In this Online TGirl Training we are going to break through the deep-rooted fear of The Divine Feminine and everything else (or at least: shine our light on it) So that you can free yourself and not only experience how normal you are in your exceptionality, but enjoy it intensely!  

Everything you give attention to grows (& flourishes)....  

how cool (and convenient) is that πŸ€©   

This is what you receive: 

  • More self-insight, self-acceptance, self-confidence and self-love πŸ’–
  • Powerful tools to take control of your life.
  • Palpable connection to your feminine creative power and creativity.
  • Inspiration to turn your dreams into reality.  
  • Liberation from the prison of your mind. 
  •  Tips & tricks for inner and outer transformation.
  • Further emasculation in the new feminization program.
  • Feeling wonderful, free and without shame in your sexuality.  
  • Various hypnosis to go even deeper and become more direct ✨
  • Lovely exchange in a dynamic community with like-minded people & Goddesses in crime πŸ‘―
  •  A unique TGirl journey unlike anywhere else!
  • An encouraging high heel under your sexy booty πŸ‘ πŸ€­
  • A deep journey and coming home to yourself πŸ‘ΈπŸ½
€ 249,-
€ 149,-

 Ready to set yourself free?

Treat yourself to this wonderful gift...   

A journey to proudly live and share your divine feminine Beauty.   

In this unique Online TGirl Training for beginning TGirls and those who are further along in their process you will connect with the beautiful woman in you, so that She in all her beauty and sexiness can shine and sparkle. Connected to your deepest source of power so that you feel completely free and safe within yourself and with your surroundings.   

You are so worth it ❣️  

But only you can turn fantasy into reality....   


The training is temporarily discounted from € 249,- for € 199,- and will be  

 released around spring 2023, but those who register now pay a special pre-registration price of € 149,- πŸ’

Online TGirl Training packages


Available by the end of 2023

€ 249,-
€ 149,-

Basic Online TGirl Training (5 modules) including:  - 5 hypnosis (worth € 145,-)  

- Annual membership Femdom community Please & Tease (worth € 19,50)


Available by the end of 2023

€ 686,90-
€ 442,-

Comprehensive Online TGirl Training (5 modules) including:  - 7 hypnoses (worth € 203,-) 

- Power Woman spray & roll on (worth € 29.90) 

- 5 online coaching sessions (worth € 400,-) 

- Annual membership Femdom community Please & Tease (worth € 19,50) 


Available by the end of 2023

€ 1289,70
€ 799,-

Complete Online TGirl Training (5 modules) including: 

- 8 hypnoses (worth € 232,-) 

- TGirl Tool Kit (worth €102,20); scroll down for contents! 

- Personal tarot reading / transformation session (worth € 100, -) 

- 10 online coaching sessions (worth € 800,-) 

- Annual membership Femdom community Please & Tease (worth € 19,50) 

€ 102,20-
€ 95,-

TGirl Tool Kit

What will you find in this Tool Kit specially put together for TGirls?


🌸 Power Woman roll on worth €12,95 

Hormone balance, standing firm in your shoes, support in Being a Woman.

🌸 Me-I am roll on worth € 12,95 

Freedom, being yourself, connection and taking your place in the bigger picture.    

🌸 Rosslyn spray worth € 16,95    

Grounding, activity, focus, get moving, go for it.

🌸 Altai spray worth € 16,95 

Deep relaxation, stillness, releasing pressure and fear in your body, rebirth. 

🌸 Self-love Remedy worth € 16,95 

Self-love and being loved, unconditionality towards yourself and those around you. 

🌸 Tiger eye pendant worth € 5,50 

Protects against negative influences, gives insight, strength, courage and confidence. 

🌸 Good Vibes Only: Golden Triangle stones + spray worth € 19,95 

Amethyst, rock crystal, rose quartz + spray for peace, balance and relaxation. 

In the TGirl Tool Kit you will find a description of the products. You can also check out De Groene Linde's website for more info: https://degroenelinde.nl.

The Online TGirl Training Gold includes the TGirl Tool Kit!

The price includes shipping within the Netherlands.